New Beginnings

I’m not quite sure what I hope to achieve with this blog yet. I think I might be jumping on a bandwagon to some extent, but a wagon worth jumping on. I have become a part of the UK online educator community through Twitter and I have learnt a lot from some wonderful, creative people. I love the idea of using the Internet for professional training, upskilling and sharing ideas and this was one of the main uses dreamt up by Tim Berners-Lee when he created it.

My expertise is ICT and I hope to raise some enthusiasm and encourage a chuckle in these gloomy and uncertain times. But the main aim is to write about the educational and Ed-tech world from my own point of view to get my thoughts straight, so while this is a public page, and I welcome all though who find it useful, but I fully expect only infrequent visitors who have got lost looking for the celeb pages.

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Primary Teacher. EdTech resource sharer. Editor of #UKEdChat's @UKEDmag Magazine & @UKEdResources. Likes China. Author:

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