Quickie about a Wiki

I was asked a fascinating question a few days ago about whether my Wiki was really a Wiki. As some of you may be aware, the ICTmagic wiki page is a one-man show, which was not my original intention at all. I started the site in December 2010 as a means to help the colleagues in my own school share interesting and useful resources. After much canvassing for submissions, nothing was suggested. What did begin to happen was that the wiki had attracted a huge number of hits. As the site grew it became my pride and joy and became what you can see today.

The original developer of wiki software, Ward Cunningham, stated that a Wiki is “the simplest online database that could possibly work.” While I would like to think that my page has involved beyond the ‘simplest’, I try to keep it fairly simple. Wikis generally have a page index on every page for simple navigation and cross reference to other pages and sites using hyperlinks. By this definition, and the fact that my Wiki is hosted by wikispaces.com, my Wiki clearly qualifies. The collaborative element of Wikis, while hugely valuable, was not explicit in the original definitions of a wiki and referred instead to the structure described above.

On the face of it, my site lacks the collaborative nature that has now become synonymous with Wikis. But while I am the person who writes the entries and I do spend a lot of time searching for fabulous resources on the Web, the search for teaching resources is really a collaborative endeavour and I own a great deal of thanks to my personal learning network on Twitter and the thousands of dedicated professional who share their expertise with others there. My Wiki site is simply the culmination of these collaborative efforts.