Edublog Award 2012 Nominations

ImageIt is time again to nominate tweeps from my treasured PLN and I have been thinking about who and what to choose for many weeks. There are so many superb educators out there who do their jobs superbly day after day just for the love of teaching and the joy that come from helping children be the best they can be. I feel very proud of my profession and by nominating a few of my colleagues I hope to show how proud I am of them.

My wiki page was celebrated in the Edublog awards as the ‘Best Educational Wiki’ last year which has been one of the highlights of my professional career. I hope that all on my list below can be celebrated in the same way. To me, you are all winners.

Individual Blog

Karen Bolotin’s @kbkonnected Tumblr blog at is a superb collection of edtech and classroom goodies. Browsing just for a few minutes will give you enough ideas for lessons for weeks. Thank you for sharing great things!

Best group blog

The growing Digital Leader movement of empowering a group of dedicated children/students to provide help, training and creative solutions for their classmates and teachers has benefitted countless people across the UK. It provides student the opportunity to engage with technology and collaborate to enhance to tech experience for everyone. Follow developments every Thursday at 9pm GMT with #DLchat.

Best class blog

I love by @Edutronic_Net and the students in his school. It is a wonderful example of how blogging has empowered the students to shape their own learning and explore the world with an audience from around the world.

Best ed tech / resource sharing blog

When I first made my tentative way on to Twitter and began finding my own CPD opportunities online some 2 years ago, one of the first blogs I found, enjoyed and during to read regularly was by @dannynic. It is a wonderful blog which shares the best resources and ideas on how they can be used in your classroom. Thanks for the inspiration Danny.

Best teacher blog

Mark Anderson’s @ICTEvangelist blog at is a superb place to find all sorts of teaching ideas, advice, stories from the classroom and support with edtech. He is also an endless source of iPad information and tips. So if you have something beginning with an ‘i’ you should be following him on Twitter and reading his blog.

Best individual tweeter

I really wanted to write something for this category to explain that there are simply too many fab educators out there who tweet the best resources, ideas and advice. So I’ve chosen someone who does all of that and also makes me laugh and is always helpful to everyone. That tweep is @shelibb. She is a authority of using iPads in the Primary setting and has bee a leading light of the Digital Leaders movement, which has helped so many educators and children.

Best Administrator (SLT) blog by @johntomsett is an amazing blog by an inspirational headteacher. Each and every time he blogs he has make me think about how things could be better and that teaching really is the best profession in the world.

Best twitter hashtag

#ukedchat is the online hub for education in the UK. The weekly discussions cover a myriad of educational topics and push forward the understanding of what is possible in the classroom. In my opinion it is the best CPD on the internet. It’s based at

Best free web tool

The free tools that has made biggest impact in my classroom this year has to be The children love it and it has continued to improve and it is now a vital part of my teaching.

Best educational use of audio / video / visual / podcast

I have recently discovered by @eyebeams. I’m amazed at the passion, insight, but most of all the fact that he is able to record a daily podcast/Audioboo on important, useful and relevant educational topics which keep me informed about what is happening out there. It has become compulsive listening.

Best open PD / unconference / webinar series

The TeachMeet movement provides an amazing learning experience for all who take part. The format of micro presentations keep the events interesting and fresh. I learn so much each time I attend a TeachMeet, but more than that, I feel inspired in so many different ways and ready to try lots of new things.

Lifetime achievement

I recently had the great opportunity to work along side Tim Rylands @TimRylands at the London Festival of Education. I knew Tim mainly by reputation, but watching him work was an amazing experience and he has focused my thinking about presenting CPD forever. Tim and his associate Sarah Neild are an impressive team. Tim has inspired so many teachers from around the world and I can not think of anyone who is more deserving of to be recognised for a lifetime of remarkable achievements. See his blog at


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